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Our Office is Mercury-Free

Silver amalgams actually consist of about 50% silver and 50% mercury. While the American Dental Association (ADA) still contends is that this mercury is safe, there is an increasing amount of evidence over the past decade of concerns using mercury-containing metals in dental care. Mercury toxicity is subtle and difficult to diagnose, and once it gets into your system, it is challenging to cleanse it.

Dr. Fader highly recommends white composite fillings. In addition to the overall health benefits of choosing mercury-free, they have several other advantages:

- They bond to the teeth and as a result the teeth are stronger after being filled. Thus, there is less chance that they will break and require more complex treatment such as crowns and root canal treatments.

- They are more gentle and have less sensitivity to hot and cold.

- When they are used for new cavities, composite fillings require less drilling of healthy tooth structure

- Their healthy tooth-white appearance is far more attractive.