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You no longer have to be self-conscious showing your smile with tradition silver and gold amalgam fillings. Now you can smile with confidence as you show off your perfectly blended tooth-colored fillings. Dr Fader uses tooth-colored composite resin to restore teeth which require fillings. Composite resin is a strong, durable, decay-resistant material that looks and feels natural ~ offering a mercury-free, all-white smile.

Tooth-colored fillings are done in one visit, with a procedure much like that for metal amalgam fillings, except that a curing light is used to bond the composite material to the tooth.

Your Health and Mercury-Free Fillings

Silver amalgams contain mercury and over the past several years there has been plenty of speculation about mercury toxicity has been linked to certain medical conditions. This has prompted a movement toward mercury-free dentistry. Many patients are choosing remove their amalgam fillings for a much more aesthetically pleasing smile and to ease their minds about these health concerns.

During a consultation at Island Family Dental, Dr. Fader will discuss all of the options available for fixing, filling, or improving your tooth/teeth based on your specific situation so that you have all of the information you need to decide which restoration is the perfect fit for you.